Sara Jane Ho opened Institute Sarita in Beijing in 2012.

Inspired by her mother whom she saw create magic moments and gave people a sense of belonging through entertaining, Sara continues her legacy by combining her passion for social entertaining with a need in China for etiquette.

Institute Sarita is China’s first finishing school for ladies. Our mission is to empower women in China with tools for a lifetime, giving them the knowledge and confidence to master their own spheres at home and in the workplace.

Institute Sarita offers individual courses for ladies. Our Hostess Course is for married women and our Debutante Course is for unmarried women over the age of 16. Lessons are grounded in theory and practical lessons with experiential outings.

Institute Sarita also works with luxury brands, private banks, and auction houses to offer one of a kind etiquette salons for their clients and staff.

To complement her in-class experience, Sara recorded an online audio etiquette course “21 Days to Being a Learned Lady” 《21天淑媛养成记》which is available for download on the podcast platform Ximalaya.

Alumni Club

We have an active alumni club that brings students to attend art fairs, cultural events, fashion shows, fine dining, equestrian events, and more.


– History of Cutlery & Western Table Manners
– Dress codes
– Deportment
– Introduction to French Cuisine
– Beauty, Grooming & Body Shapes
– British Afternoon Tea
– Floral Arrangement
– Introduction to Luxury Brands
– Precedence (Chinese vs Western)
– Greetings and Introductions
– Pronunciation of Foreign Luxury Brands
– Better Public lmage
– Wine Appreciation
– Make-Up Lesson
– Lingerie and Perfume
– Introduction to Expensive Sports
– Table Conversation & Small Talk
– Menswear Appreciation
– Special Occasions
– Hat Etiquette
– Country Lessons
– Psychology
– Public Speaking
– Travel Etiquette
– Planning Your Child’s Future
– Managing Household Staff
– Interpersonal Communications
– Career Development
– Building Your Confidence
– Chinese Business Etiquette

Trainer Profile

Sara Jane Ho

Sara Jane Ho is the founder and principal of Institute Sarita, China’s first finishing school for ladies. Her goal is to provide her students with the right tools and resources so that they can succeed in any situation and live a more positive life.

Sara teaches the tools which have set her apart and have helped her achieve success in business and in life. She combines her knowledge and insights from Harvard Business School and Swiss finishing school to deliver a rich and complete curriculum.

For Sara, etiquette combines charm and integrity. Knowing what to do in any situation, gracefully, is one of the most empowering feelings a woman can have. Sara grew up watching her mother master this as she threw dinner parties at home, creating warmth and magic through entertaining.

Once, a friend in China asked Sara for help setting up a breakfast meeting, she was very nervous about how to eat and create the right environment. This was the moment Sara unofficially began teaching etiquette.

Sara lost her mother to cancer but keeps her legacy alive by sharing the joy and love that she brought to others through entertaining. As China opens its doors to the world, Sara wants to continue giving women the tools to feel confident no matter the company or the place.

Rebecca Li

Rebecca, a native of Changsha, holds a master’s degree in management of Creative & Cultural Industries from King’s College London. She studied International Etiquette & Protocol in Switzerland.

Rebecca is a China-certified National Etiquette Trainer (Advanced), China-certified National Psychology Counsellor (Grade II), and holds a WSET Level 2 certificate in wines and spirits. She is also Chief Trainer & Head of Programming for luxury boutique hotel chain Tsingpu Retreat in China.

With a passion for the luxury industry, in 2009 Rebecca invested in and helped bring French high-end ready-to-wear brand Guy Laroche into China which at its height owned and operated 30 stores.

A lover of Chinese traditional culture, Rebecca enjoys tea ceremony, learning the guqin, arts and crafts, and playing with her children.

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